Gender & HIV /AIDS

Major roles and responsibilities

  • To promote gender equality in all training programs.
  • To fight violence against women.
  • To ensure gender equality in all the Institute activities.
  • To provide support for improvement, particularly female students in order to improve their academic performance and optimize their number with males.  
  • Coordinating different supports offered by the Institute, individuals, and NGOs for needy female and male students.
  • Creating awareness related to gender to the Institute.
  • Charming capacity-building programs.
  • Creates network with partners
  • Motivate female employees and providing awards to outstanding females. Provide counseling service to youths.
  • Identify challenges and provide/suggest solutions faced by female trainees and staff of the Institute and;
  •  Mainstream gender in the training and research activities of the Institute;
  •  Raise the awareness of trainees and other members of gender issues.
  •  Follow up and coordinate supports provided to female trainees by the Institute and other stakeholders;
  •  Work, follow up, take appropriate actions and progress; on different gender-related issues raised by trainees, employees and report to relevant offices,
  •  Facilitate activities planned to support female trainees and employees and create networking with other similar offices in higher education institutes;

Contact Person:

                    Lomi Wakshum,

                    Director, Women, Children and Youths Directorate

                    Tel: 0912331043